Taking responsibility of our actions and be aware of what we do is what separates us, men, from the rest of the animal kingdom. When you make a mistake accept it, learn from it and do not repeat it. Discover solutions for what you did and do not just waste time of finding excuses.


Stop making excuses, start building a life of honesty. Are you feeling guilty of having done something you shouldn’t have or something you should have? You’re irresponsible to admit your fault? The answer to the questions above is only one and it’s : “MAKE EXCUSES”. It is the easiest way to make up, and move on. Even the very first man, Adam, created an excuse when God asked him if he ate The apple. But wait a minute, the easy way is not always the right way.

Try changing your mind-set to “I am responsible, i am aware of my actions”. When someone asks you out, try and be honest with him. Do not just say “I’m sleeping”, “I am sick”, “I broke my leg”, just to get rid of him. Say that you have to be somewhere else, or you are too lazy to go out, or whatever the truth is. Say it. It’s going to harm you less than if you just make a fake excuse.

When we make excuses and repeat them often enough, they become belief. If you refuse to make excuses and try to be real, you win the trust of others, their love, your pride, your confidence and the solution to your problems. Try it.

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10 Responses to “STEP 22: DO NOT MAKE EXCUSES”

  1. Excuses are the shield of a coward!!!
    Totally loved this step!

  2. Excuses are the shield of a coward!
    Totally loved this post!

  3. Dimitris Prokopis Says:

    Thank you! :)

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