What I’ve learned? Don’t rush… they can wait. Everyone needs their time! None is always ready when we need them. If you wanna do it right, take your time. If you don’t feel like doing it then don’t do it, take your time and think twice. Everyone can wait. Yes, everyone. Take your time’ can be applied in many aspects of your life such as in relationships, in setting goals or in life in general.

Take time for the important things in life.  Taking time doesn’t mean slowing down; slowing down is not the goal. Taking your time means to being free from automatic responses and living while listening the deepest level of your awareness. Only there you find the truth and you have to take the time to search for it.

Even though we all know that the fast choices we make are not always the right ones. So the second thoughts would be preferred. Pressure won’t be your ‘fear’ anymore. Answering questions won’t be anymore influenced by pressure by from your within. Puzzles, are for smart people who have the patience and the time to solve them.

As Eknath Easwaran said “Whether we are rich or poor, young or old, whether we sit behind a desk or drive a bus, whether we are retired or spend our day caring for children, this way of life opens the possibility of cherishing each day”. In this way of life, we put first things first. We take time for relationships to keep up.

Slow down, take your time, and be in control even in the midst of pressure. Train attention to be fully prepared for everything. Well almost everything.

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One Response to “STEP 29: TAKE YOUR TIME”

  1. Gerard Barn. Says:

    Wonderful things, time brings indeed.

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