Lately i am in contact with many people with different kind of personalities. I’m surrounded by smarts, idiots, by angry people, depressed people, people that sleep a lot, people that don’t sleep at all, black people,  illiterate, clever ones etc etc..  I am really NOT a bit curious about what is going to happen on 2012 because i live my “2012″ now. Social interaction is most difficult when done with people you dislike or find annoying. BUT even if i don’t like this i have to survive. Patience should have been my best friends all this time since last month, and it is.

All of your self-talk and inner dialogue, our subconscious uses the behavior patterns to react to many everyday events in our life. The odd thing is when the thing you think you want is not what you desire. Do you really want to be surrounded by older people? Do you really want to be surrounded by people smarter than you are? Do you really want to be surrounded by shorter people than you are etc.

You have to refuse negative thoughts, otherwise you will not attain positive results. The positive thoughts not only make us feel nice and relaxed but also there are many possibilities that what we think may be done. Other people may influence us but our opinion is what matters. It might seem strange to you, but the people that influence us can also  influence the people we meet, our circumstances and the events we encounter. We are feeling beings; our outer circumstances are only reflecting what we feel inside. Feeling can go both ways: you can feel something as a result of reality or you can mold your reality as a result of feeling.

Work smart. Instead of beating your head against the walls everyday, do smart moves and try to avoid everyone’s unpleasant presence disappear. Hold your anger, and don’t yell, just ignore. Make them not want to talk to you, don’t behave with stomp, just ignore every thing you don’t like, and you’ll get everything you like.

Things will get better, even you like it or not( if you start applying ignorance and part-acceptance).  Priorize your happiness, put yourself  first, and above all, and you will do, and everything will come easier. Keep your energy going where you want it to go. Don’t waste energy on people they don’t deserve it. You’re by yourself, for yourself.

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One Response to “IF IT’S NOT OK; MAKE IT”

  1. Rowdy Says:

    A piece of erudition ulknie any other!

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