New opportunities await. Gain the skills to succeed. Higher skills, higher wages. To have a successful way (whatever way that is) all you have to do is prepare everything around, adjust it to yourself and “test” it. By testing the place around and people on how you act and how THEY would react if you had already applied the -plan-

All skills will become outdated. Being well educated about the goal you wish to be achieved is the first component of achieving(as  you already known by my very previous own posts). Although you have to be curious to succeed there are some things you should do to increase “luck” factors. Put yourself in position that makes easier for the opportunities to come to you. and PREPARE well the plan and apply it as if you were doing it in real.

Preparation will take some time. For some people will not. But as they say “no hard work, no success.”

By being eager to know more about the subject makes you not be satisfied with what you already know. So you will want to know more. As a result you will see more opportunities scoming. It’s like being in a building with many windows. The more windows the building has, the more you can see what’s out there.

The building is the trust, and every window represent the people you gain their trust. The more the people, the more the windows, the more you can observe the outside. Make sure the people will help you success, have gained your trust and you have fully understood their intentions. If someone is going to help you it’s not because they want to. It’s because your trust to them and opposite, made them do it. It’s all around you . Watch it, and apply it! ;;)

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