My word to this statement would only be “TELL ME HOW.” But, come on, we all have, in the past, suddenly put our feelings away and closed them in a box, and hid it somewhere deep in our basement. I really, 100% can’t deal with my feelings right now, I’m all up for new things, and I’m not supposed to let feelings take over what I’m trying to achieve this summerish time. So yeah, that’s what i’m suggesting. Don’t feel your feelings. Turn them off.

“Turn it off” is a phrase of a musical theater play stuck into my head, for good. What do i mean by all this, is that you’d better put your feelings aside, so you can finish everything you started without having strange, weird, butterfly-ish feelings to distract you from achieving it.

I can’t say i am happy with that, but at least it’s satisfying unless you’re receiving more than you’re expecting so in that case, i would tell you to give up turning your feelings off, and instead turn them ON, for real and go have fun.

Emotions, though, appear right out of nowhere, and literally you can’t follow and keep up with them, unless you’re 100% focused on them and satisfied with what you’re giving and what you’re getting. Of course other emotions will pop up right after you engage with the first feeling, all tied up like a chain. Feelings can tear you down, but on the other hand can bright you up and make you feel like flower in the sun. Or something like that.

My biggest question to myself is that if it’s right to express our feelings right away, keep them for ourselves or put them in a box and say goodbye. Well, in any of these ways, keeping them inside is not an option. CLEARLY, if you’re gonna keep emotions inside, then you’re lost.

People also love someone who can control their feelings, and it inspires them. If it’s motivating for them, why wouldn’t it be for you, too? Whatever you do, ACT spontaneous and not irresponsible.

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